Adding Flowers to the Mix

FP butterflyonzinnia15 1a

Distance, even if in figurative form, has a way of reminding us how quickly changes can move us to places we hadn’t planned to visit. In my absence from blogging, I haven’t moved away from the need to grow tomatoes or garlic much less potatoes. Instead, I’ve found myself making way for more growing, which I see as a form of learning.

In short, I’ve been learning how to grow flowers, adding a couple of new varieties to an existing flower garden that had faced neglect for many years. This new venture had more to do with a need to attract and increase pollinators.

You can see for yourself that apparently my little addition – some colorful zinnias – attracted visitors, which is what I hoped the flowers would do. I’m not sure what type of butterfly this is, but its visit made a nice surprise. Since I shot this photo, many of the flowers have died from two cold nights we had recently.

I didn’t want to see the flowers die back, but their disappearance makes way for fall leaves and the hope that when the warm weather returns, the time I’ll spend planting new flowers will close the gap in the distance between me and the next pollinators to arrive.

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