Adding Flowers to the Mix

FP butterflyonzinnia15 1a

Distance, even if in figurative form, has a way of reminding us how quickly changes can move us to places we hadn’t planned to visit. In my absence from blogging, I haven’t moved away from the need to grow tomatoes or garlic much less potatoes. Instead, I’ve found myself making way for more growing, . . . → Read More: Adding Flowers to the Mix

Rain and Ripened Fruits

New Fruits

I wanted rain, and a few days after my last post, we received two days of it. The water gave way to new cucumbers and squash. Now, I’m back looking at my tomatoes, and well, some have ripened already.

New Fruits

I’m quite excited to see the plants, no matter how late sown, produce . . . → Read More: Rain and Ripened Fruits

Waiting for Water

Dehydrated Squash

For the past two weeks, we kept getting reports that thunderstorms would occur either in the mid or late afternoon. I looked forward to their arrival, hoping they’d bring a respite from the sweltering heat, humidity and dry garden soil.

Dehydrated Squash

But as I waited in anticipation, the clouds blew on by.

What . . . → Read More: Waiting for Water

First tomatoes welcomed

First Tomatoes

I’ve just now found a few small tomatoes on my vines, and well, in the day and a half since I snapped this photo, the little guys have grown – practically doubled in size. Seeing the first tomatoes typically marks the beginning of my growing season, though as I mentioned before, my veggies are behind . . . → Read More: First tomatoes welcomed

Favorite tomatoes coming in

2013 Collection

Hi! And yes, I have a little time to talk about my tomato plants. Every since I visited a friend’s greenhouse in Surry County, I’ve had the itch to grow tomatoes, and well, I love doing so!

Last summer, I grew several different varieties – Sweet Treats (a pink cherry tomato and yum!), Clear Pink . . . → Read More: Favorite tomatoes coming in