Favorite tomatoes coming in

Hi! And yes, I have a little time to talk about my tomato plants. Every since I visited a friend’s greenhouse in Surry County, I’ve had the itch to grow tomatoes, and well, I love doing so!

Last summer, I grew several different varieties – Sweet Treats (a pink cherry tomato and yum!), Clear Pink Early, Cherokee Chocolate, Sweet Million and Solid Gold (cherry and grape tomatoes), among several others, and they did well. New ones last year included the Cherokee Chocolate, which produces a solid and heavy beefsteak tomato with fabulous taste. I’m growing it again this year, along with my favorite pinks, Sweet Treats and Clear Pink Early (an heirloom of Russian origin and very tasty).

2013 Collection

2013 Collection

In the photo, you’ll see the Cherokee Chocolate, the larger beefsteaks. They hadn’t quite ripened yet since they are still red; when ripe, they’ll turn a brownish color, and they have the sweetest and most tomatoey flavor you could imagine. The larger pinks next to it are the Clear Pink Earlies, and the smaller pinks are the Sweet Treats.

So I have added German Johnson this year only because a couple of local growers said, “Oh, you have to try this one.” So I’m trying it.

In case you haven’t seen my tomatoes before, I grow them in containers, and I use these cute little cages over top of them, though I’d rather just let the tomato let it all hang out, but to keep the deck from looking like a jungle, I use the cages.

So far this year, we had cool temperatures earlier in the season, and my tomato growing is slightly behind schedule but quickly catching up with the approaching summer. I’m looking forward to tasty tomatoes, among other veggies, as long as the weather cooperates.


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