First tomatoes welcomed

I’ve just now found a few small tomatoes on my vines, and well, in the day and a half since I snapped this photo, the little guys have grown – practically doubled in size.  Seeing the first tomatoes typically marks the beginning of my growing season, though as I mentioned before, my veggies are behind this year.

First Tomatoes

First Tomatoes

First fruits seen hanging on the plants, in some strange way, feel like the arrival of relatives you adore but haven’t seen in awhile. You’re so happy to see them come by to stay for the summer, and when they have to leave, or, in the case of vegetables, stop producing and start to die back, you’re sad to see them go.

I suppose since gardeners spend significant amounts of time deciding what to grow, preparing the plot, planting the seeds and protecting and watering the crops, the actual appearance of vegetables or fruits on the vine is a miracle since, in reality, there’s so much that can interrupt the process.

But for one gardener this week, the arrival of these tiny green globes has in some way been a welcomed visit by something old and familiar as well as something quite new.

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