Here are a few links to some helpful gardening, food and health web sites that you may find interesting:

  1. If you have gardening knowledge, you ought to share it – that’s according to Scott Butler of Big Ugly, West Va. – Butler, featured in a Gazette-Mail article, is teaching others how to garden; read this great article on Grow Appalachia,
  2. The New York Times article, “In New Food Culture, a Young Generation of Farmers Emerges,” discusses a rise in the number of young farmers and their struggles – great article on the increased interest by younger people wanting to raise food and farm.
  3. Ever grown a nice vegetable only to have someone else take it? Apparently, some folks at a Chicago community garden have had this problem,
  4. Michelle Obama brings her green thumb skills to Sesame Street,
  5. Small plot farmers and growers keep cropping up; check out this USA Today article,
  6. How about designing an “eco-friendly nursery”? One Virginia couple did, and check out the photos:
  7. Here’s a blog I love to visit, You have to stop by, if for no other reason than the beautiful photos.
  8. This web site,, is so cool and interesting with the latest environmental news.
  9. Ever moved away from a home or apartment where you had a nice garden; you may appreciate this article about grieving over gardens. Here’s the link:,0,5812086.story
  10. Information on anything related to gardening and gardening tips can be found at – a unique site and check out the new site design.
  11. A Pennsylvania gardener offers many tips and provides how-to photos, a nice site: