Amended soil and better growth

2013 Turnips

I planted plenty this spring and have kept up with my New Year’s resolution, which was to add more garden time – part of those extra visits were spent taking care of the soil. In doing so, most of the vegetables planted have turned out better, though they’re not all ready to harvest just yet . . . → Read More: Amended soil and better growth

With New Year, more carrots, more garden time

Winter Carrots

Though I’ve been away from the blog for some time, I haven’t stopped gardening, not during the fall or the early winter. In fact, I harvested some carrots yesterday, and I’m rather excited to see my garlic sprouting, though I’d rather see it initially sprout in February.

Winter Carrots

For the past several months, . . . → Read More: With New Year, more carrots, more garden time

Tomatoes make nice gifts

Big Beefsteak

Big Beefsteak

In early July, I visited a relative who had grown some of the most beautiful tomatoes with many beefsteak varieties – some heirloom, some not. These tomatoes grow in a cage she constructed to protect them from squirrels in Washington, D.C.

During dinner, this relative decided to pick some since I told . . . → Read More: Tomatoes make nice gifts

Potato digging nearly complete


2012 Yukon Golds

In most of June, I spent time in the garden digging potatoes, the Yukon Gold variety, and this year’s harvest turned out well. Though I’ve harvested most of them, I still have a few more to dig, but the recent heat wave followed by rain has made getting to the last . . . → Read More: Potato digging nearly complete

Early tomatoes survive heat, storm

2012 Sweet Treats

2012 Sweet Treats

With an early spring, my tomato plants, too, have produced fruit ahead of schedule, and I’m hoping for some to turn red and pink soon. 

During the past week, we’ve had some extreme heat and strong thunderstorms here in Southeastern Virginia, and on one evening, the winds grew so strong I . . . → Read More: Early tomatoes survive heat, storm