Rain and Ripened Fruits

I wanted rain, and a few days after my last post, we received two days of it. The water gave way to new cucumbers and squash. Now, I’m back looking at my tomatoes, and well, some have ripened already.

New Fruits

New Fruits

I’m quite excited to see the plants, no matter how late sown, produce so many blooms and fruits. I’m just ready for the big guys – the beefsteaks. So far, the Cherokee Chocolate and the German Johnson have nice blooms.

Usually so much rain at one time makes for an overgrowth of weeds and an ugly garden, but this time I appreciated the much needed precipitation. Though we shouldn’t have to go without for so long to gain an appreciation of the important necessities, even in gardening, those periods of drought give plenty of time to gain a new perspective.

Now even the weeds don’t seem so overwhelming, and the mud adds a certain amount of charm to the plot.

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