Spring has sprung but snow’s on the way

Softneck Garlic

A possibility of snow when you’re thinking daffodils can somehow play with a gardener’s dream of a full-blossoming plot in early spring.

Just as any number of gardeners who start feeling overconfident at the first sign of spring, I, too, found myself tilling and planting. Then, a surprising weather forecast on Friday left me realizing . . . → Read More: Spring has sprung but snow’s on the way

Plants like consistency, too

Yes, I recovered from the wind-damaged greenhouse experience, and while my veggies died, I have managed to keep the ones in the garden growing well in spite of the cold weather we’ve had this winter.

The garlic looks better than expected, and this year I’m also growing softneck garlic. I’ve never had much luck with . . . → Read More: Plants like consistency, too