First tomatoes welcomed

First Tomatoes

I’ve just now found a few small tomatoes on my vines, and well, in the day and a half since I snapped this photo, the little guys have grown – practically doubled in size. Seeing the first tomatoes typically marks the beginning of my growing season, though as I mentioned before, my veggies are behind . . . → Read More: First tomatoes welcomed

Early tomatoes survive heat, storm

2012 Sweet Treats

2012 Sweet Treats

With an early spring, my tomato plants, too, have produced fruit ahead of schedule, and I’m hoping for some to turn red and pink soon. 

During the past week, we’ve had some extreme heat and strong thunderstorms here in Southeastern Virginia, and on one evening, the winds grew so strong I . . . → Read More: Early tomatoes survive heat, storm

Tomatoes growing legs

The tomatoes lately have grown legs. I know a legged tomato may sound a bit odd. Maybe visualizing one would be easier.

Most recently, I discovered the largest tomato on my vines had been plucked from its resting place. Shocked, I tried to imagine who might want to pluck a green tomato since I had . . . → Read More: Tomatoes growing legs