Waiting for Water

For the past two weeks, we kept getting reports that thunderstorms would occur either in the mid or late afternoon. I looked forward to their arrival, hoping they’d bring a respite from the sweltering heat, humidity and dry garden soil.

Dehydrated Squash

Dehydrated Squash

But as I waited in anticipation, the clouds blew on by.

What I had hoped for was the rain, which would give me a break in watering the plants. They hung several days in a row with their leaves wilted, and my cucumbers looked as though they’d shrivel on the vine. A couple of squash actually did just that, even though I watered them. The temperatures had been in the mid-nineties for days, reaching high temps in the late morning hours on some days. This made for hot working conditions outdoors.

Once word of Hurricane Arthur made the news last week, weather reports again indicated thunderstorms may arrive. Still, days before Arthur headed this way, nothing. Should Arthur visit, I hoped for rain, and some people I talked with thought it would be unwise to wish for rain under these circumstances – I wasn’t actually looking forward to a hurricane and all that can come with such a powerful storm – I just wanted rain.

Fortunately, Hurricane Arthur came and went, didn’t reach us, and though far-reaching winds seemed strong, the storm didn’t cause a whole lot of damage here. But after weeks of waiting, we finally saw rain. Two days later, temps are hot again and the soil is dry.

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